Brrrr…2017! Dipping the blog toe into water…

17 Goals for 2017
All I’ve been seeing lately when scrolling down my social media newsfeeds is how 2016 has been an awful year, but despite Brexit, Donald Trump and the deaths of many celebrity icons, personally, I’ve had an above average year. I’ve achieved a lot of things I wanted too, had some good times and despite feeling uncertain as to what the future holds, I keep reminding myself that the element of surprise is what keeps things interesting. So, looking onwards and upwards to 2017, here are 17 things I want to achieve/improve on/have got done by the end of this coming year.
1) Be more spontaneous!

It’s been a while since I’ve woken up in the morning and thought “let’s do this today”, let alone actually doing it. Anywhere I go is usually planned at least a week in advance so I have chance to build myself up to it. However, I kind of miss the excitement of just making a decision there and then. It might be difficult at first, as without a plan, there’s a lot more uncertainty, but too much planning can take the excitement out of life.

2) Be more involved within the blogging community

– Something I’ve been doing on and off this year is twitter chats, I even hosted one back in September! I need to keep getting involved both with this and other aspects of blogging like events and what not and be open to more opportunity.

3) Read at least 10 books

4) Finish PR course

I’m currently studying with the Open Study College and I’m enjoying the Public Relations course I’m on, I want to finish and have my certificate before the year’s up and then start thinking about what’s next.

5) Reach a bigger audience through Pinterest

I’ve read loads of blog posts on how Pinterest is good for reaching potential readers, and having dabbled in promoting my blog somewhat on the platform, I didn’t really stick at it.

6) Save at least £100 in coupons and cashback
This year, I’ve given myself a target of £100, so it means I need to save £8.50 a month through either couponing or cashback sites/apps. Should be easy enough!

7) Keep being creative

8) Apply for a Passport

I’ve never been abroad before, but I’d really like to start by going (on a short flight) to somewhere in Europe. I’ve got quite a few UK events planned/booked this year though, so it might have to wait until 2018, but I may as well get the passport sorted.

9) Have a back-log of posts

It’d give me so much more free time, and then there wouldn’t be three week gaps in between posts sometimes.

10) Save £500

I’d quite like to set up a fun fund for 2018, so if I put away £41 a month, I’ll have that by the end of the year to play about with.

11) Branch out with the blog – Contact Companies, Try Guest Posting

12) See loads of bands live

I’m going to see A Day To Remember & Neck Deep to start the year off, then Slam Dunk in May and depending on how the line up shapes up for Download Festival I’ll be winging myself there too.

13) Be more healthy.

14) Take Raymus to a beach.

15) Create a new blog header.

It just needs to be done, my current one is appalling since I’ve changed my blog template.

16) Open up an online store

I’ve been working on different T-shirt, Print & Sticker designs for much of this year, and I’d love to open up a big cartel or an etsy to sell them.

17) Stay Positive.

So those are my 17 Goals for 2017 and I’m pretty positive I’ll have all these points done by this time next year. I just wanted to wish a Happy New Year to whoever’s reading this, I hope you have a good one.

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