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Education, Education, Education

Over the years, I have established a range of experiences which will benefit your organisation and your work.

With over twenty years in education, I am passionate about helping others to learn and facilitating that process through my work below:

Writing/ Publications

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Subject Advisor/ Consultancy

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Jo Rhys-Jones

Senior Management & Primary school teacher/Ex-MFL Inspector

“Jon brings an infectious enthusiasm to INSET and leaves every teacher not only feeling that they could do it themselves, but that they’d actually quite like to, too.”

About Me

"Experienced, knowledgable...a teacher at heart!"

Mr. Jon Audain


For the last 20 years Jon has worked in education as a primary teacher, Head of Year, Senior Teacher, Learning Platform/VLE Consultant and peripatetic music teacher in two different LEAs.

In 2006, he was appointed as a county-based Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) specialising in Primary ICT within the third largest local authority in the UK. He has advised and worked with schools, teachers and companies as well as award-winning children’s author Judy Waite. Jon is the author and collaborator of over 20 books, chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles and papers, is an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) and a member of the Promethean Advisory Council/ActivAdvocate.

He is the Chair of the Technology, Pedagogy & Education Association (TPEA), a national subject association for evidence-informed research and education technology as well as an executive board member for the Education Futures Collaboration.



Daniel Fearnley

Ex-IT Business Partner (Children & Schools), Hampshire County Council

“I’ve come across many teachers who are enthusiastic about using ICT, the difference with Jon is that he engenders that same enthusiasm and engagement in his audience, be they learners or just passers by like me!”